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It's been a while since I've experienced a steep learning curve, but the last two weeks... ooft.

Probably unsurprising from the 'spreadsheet' detail in the last entry, but I'm someone who manages her time strictly.

I have a monthly calendar, a weekly breakdown, and a daily to-do list marked off in hourly blocks. I also have a sharp understanding of how much time I need to complete and/or excel at a given task.

I was (logically) aware that NGOs don't run on a corporate or academic clock, but experiencing it in real life was disorienting. Every time I thought I understood what was expected of me and started laying out a plan, I realized I was missing vital bits of information.

When I first hopped on board, for example, my supervisor told me I would be working with another coordinator from Portugal. She dropped out before the program started and I freaked out.


"How can I program 12 weeks' worth of lessons by myself while juggling everything else on my plate?!"


I also thought I would be teaching children directly in an online classroom. So not only did I have to research and curate appropriate materials, but also find ways to deliver them-- two completely different tasks that required different skill sets.


By the end of the first week, however, through asking the right question, the right person, or simply scouring Google Drive and stumbling into the correct document, I pieced together the puzzle that is my role:


- To curate one lesson plan a month 

- To share this lesson plan with volunteers, and

- To support how THEY would like to deliver it to the children

- But also providing activities and points of engagement as a reference or option (for those with no teaching experience)

I also found, with tears of joy, that the lesson plan format has been established by past coordinators. And all I had to do was bring my own materials, curiosities, approach, offering into this comforting structure. 

So I made a spreadsheet, and things got better after that.




Me to any supervisor for literally any task.

[Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Fox & NBC, 2013-2021]


I know I am!

[Amy Santiago from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Fox & NBC, 2013-2021]