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In 2021, Natasha was one of twenty youth advocates chosen for Minus18's Young Leaders program. Over the span of 9 months, leaders are trained in public speaking, event creation, execution, and management, advocacy work, friendship facilitation, and queer education. Some of the programs' highlights included Crafternoon Zooms where queer youths aged 13-19 were invited for recurring arts-and-crafts based workshops in the comfort and safety of their homes, along with a Queer Formal held at the NGV- a night of dance, magic, and art- attended by 500+ youths. 

For IDAHOBIT 2022, Natasha not only helped with the event creation and activation running with other Leaders, but was also selected to speak as a panellist alongside Nevo Zisin and Matisse Laida.

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In 2023, Natasha returned as a panelist for a Queer Careers event. She was excited and honored to speak to the second generation of Young Leaders, particularly those interested in pursuing a creative field.

She spoke alongside Micah Scott (CEO of Minus18) and Ange Barry (CEO of JOY Media). Natasha continues to maintain a close and positive relationship with the lovely folks of Minus18.

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