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LEGENDA is a multi-media (photography, essays, mural) exhibition funded by SIGNAL's Young Creatives Lab program that debuted as part of PHOTO 2021. The word roughly translates as ‘folklore’ or ‘legend’ in Bahasa Indonesia, and the exhibition explores the role of oral stories—how they weave into national identities, sit in the gaps between generational perspectives, and lend themselves to compassionate and curious reinterpretations. 


Presented are four sets of mythical women from popular Indonesian folklore (Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih; Timun Emas; Rama & Sita; Nyai Roro Kidul) that embody ‘Indonesian values’... but what do these values say about each character's worth and moral standing? Who do they reward, exclude? How would they evolve when situated in contemporary 'feminist' discourse?

It was my first time working as an Art Director, first time collaborating with a team in real-time (although writing is also a collective effort, it's rare to interact with an editor beyond email chains), and first time working on a project of this scale. It was challenging, memorable, and creatively fulfilling.

You can experience the exhibition archive here.

Lead Team

Helena Wijaya, Photographer

Karen Kartikahadi, Make Up Artist

Clara Tandi, Graphic Designer

Belinda Eugenia, Mural Designer & Artist

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